RISE RECOVERY is your quick go to for any tweaks or injuries. We are more like a friend than a doctor. Our app is customized to you and can predict with likelihood what kind of injury you are experiencing - then give you a game plan to get better, faster and smarter. Download today! Refer a friend to get $10 in credit towards our recovery equipment. 

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Our Algorithm

We have developed a predictive algorithm customized to you. Simply take our initial quiz and then when something feels off, let us know. We will predict what happened based on your inputs.

Our Suggestions

Our algorithm will suggest what happened and how to get back to your best self! We have videos and pictures of exercises that are catered to your needs.  


This is your time to RISE. We will help you target and recover your injury with data science and machine learning. Further, your exercises can be best centered to fit with your lifestyle. This is your RECOVERY. 


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